Tuesday, March 15, 2016


This year when we cleared customs it was in the Berry Islands so it is only fitting that we end our season in the Berry's.  

Party on Laura D

We've had several pot lucks at Great Harbor Cay Marina as well as workout classes, winter festival with Junkanoo and hikes.  We will be here for a few more weeks and then make our way back to the states.  Our final destination being the west coast of Florida.The fishing grounds are great here the first day back we caught a dolphin fish, a tuna and some conch.

While here we had a visit from our good friend Steve Shinn.  We enjoyed sailing around having lots of wind, sun and fun.  Thanks for all the chocolates by the way Steve.

Hoffman's blue hole

The boys chillin while Cherie's getting lunch ready

Where is that bread King?

Hanging at the New Beach Club

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