Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Starting our 5th trip to Bahamas

We have been so lazy about keeping our blog up.  The last time you heard from us we were headed to Marathon from St. Petersburg to start our 5th trip to the Bahamas.  We didn’t get to far before we stopped at Fort Meyers Beach waiting out the weather for five days.  It’s not a bad place to get stuck especially during the MLB playoff because we had our choice of bars and happy hours to watch all the Royal games.  When the wind settled down below 30kts we headed down the coast to Indian Key with our friends Stephanie and Bob on “September Song”.  We had beautiful weather with good wind from the right direction for once.  Upon arrival into the anchorage we had a treat when hailed by Bob and Stephanie to come close to Bob’s boat and pick up some homemade ice cream.  Wow was that special.  Being on a 55’ Defever power yacht gives them a few advantages over our simple sailboat and that is one of them.  We also were thankful they suggested stopping at Indian Key instead of the Shark River because it was really nice and pleasant with not as many bugs.  We all headed our separate ways at sunrise, them to Stock Island and us to Marathon.
We were in a rush and the wind was great so we motor-sailed because we had to make the 7-mile bridge at low tide to be sure to get under it, which we did, by an inch or two.  We were much closer to the wires in Boot Key Harbor this time we didn’t figure that in but we made it.  Just in time to get in the dingy in the water and catch the Royals last playoff game at the Hurricane. We all know what happened after they won their division.  They WON the World Series!  Those games were great and we watched them at the Ale House where we were on a first name basis with the owner and manager.  Some of those games went until 1 a.m. here in Florida.

Sunset Fort Meyers Beach

Sailing down the west coast of Florida.  Thanks for pic ZRay

Sarah & Dan got to visit with Mr. Yost!

Upon arriving in Marathon we met up with Rick, Terese, some friends of theirs plus saw the Doerfels Band play after the game. What a long fun filled day.
The following week would bring lots of fun at Fantasy Fest.  That’s the week long festival before the day after Halloween.  The pictures tell it all and some are R-rated so they are not going to be posted.  The theme was intergalactic and we really got into the act.  The body painting was crazy.

As we get ready to depart Marathon we have to say thanks to Rick and Terese for being great hosts.  The BBQ at Capt’n & Hook’s boat is the best in Marathon also a shout out of thanks to Karen for her great hospitality on Thanksgiving.  She put on the best day with lots of food and Dock Dynasty friends.

Capt'n Hook's BBQ 
The night of the Dorefels

Pre-Fantasy Fest with Bob & Steph

What an intergalactic chicken?
Linda & John he looks like your Butler at Halloween
Bob enjoying Fantasy Fest

Captain Kirk and Marvin the Martian

Intergalactic wildness at Fantasy Fest

King in LA at Brent Thomas retirement party
King's Birthday

Sad I missed the gang in LA

Thanksgiving at Karen's what a feast

By the way we recently picked up a kayak on the cruisers net and just can’t get enough of that.  The Barrows of coarse had to make an annual sail with us while we were in Marathon and made it out to Sombrero Reef having a fantastic day ending with Jayden and Cherie kayaking around the harbor. 

We left Marathon on December 1st the earliest we’ve ever sailed to the Bahamas to stage a crossing from Rodriguez Cay.  The next morning we got up early to make the crossing but the weather had fallen apart over night and the wind was blowing 20-25 knots with squalls and rain so that was a bust.  We decided to keep going north to Miami and see how things went the next day.  We arrive in Miami around 3:00 with wind about 15kts but still squalls.  In fact, we got into No Name Harbor just as the last of a few large squalls went over us.  On our way into No Name we saw three sailboats pulling out of the anchorage.  We said look it’s clearing up and they are probably going to the Bahamas.  We went in No Name harbor but had no breeze so we pulled out of there to avoid the bugs.  We were still talking about the other boats going and now it was clear as a bell out plus the gusts of wind weren’t as strong.  We radioed the sailboats and Cookie Monster called us back said they were in the Gulf Stream on their way to Great Harbor with Blue Haven.  They said it was beautiful. They said their plan was to do a night crossing all the way and that was exactly where we wanted to get to so we followed.  We made a quick call to Chris Parker our weather guy and he gave the green light so off we went.  We sailed and then motor-sailed for 28 hours finally reaching Great Harbour Cay where we are emailing from now.  So enjoy the pictures and will try to do another blog after Christmas.  Merry Christmas everyone!

The Barrow girls!
Sorry Eileen you lost the game but got the shirt

Sailing into Miami

Sailing across the Gulf Stream