Saturday, October 17, 2015

Summer Break 2015

It’s October 14, 2015 and we haven’t blogged since June 6th so I’ll give a quick update of what we’ve been up to this summer but have to start by saying we just left the slip at the Harborage in St. Petersburg to start our cruising season. Bring on season four!

As you know from Michael’s facebook postings we put the boat on the hard on June 26th and drove to Arkansas.  Our first stop was at cousin Chuck and his wife Katie in tiny Conway where Chuck is the town Doc. 

Where we got to view and NOT use their newly built tornado shelter bunker; from there to Bella Vista to visit Ted & Deb Largo.  We always have a great time there sitting on their beautiful deck over looking the lake and gabbing away.  

After Bella Vista we went straight to our daughter Michelle’s house in Lawrence, Kansas.  She had an exciting 4th of July planned for us at the Royals game and the fireworks were killer.  Michael had a little tooth issue there but he got that resolved and I’m sure you all enjoyed his pictures on facebook. Then to KC to stay with Grandpa Largo.

After Cherie’s return from the NALA convention in Tulsa we rode the train to visit Sarah in Chicago.  Michelle rode along too so it was wonderful for all of us to be together again.  We sure do miss those girls when we are out cruising but this Christmas they are coming to the Bahamas, Danny is coming too.

Upon returning from Chicago we had a birthday bash for Grandpa’s 83rd.  Thanks dad for putting us up during hurricane season.) plus enjoy some great company and food especially the pineapple upside down cake.  Sarah just couldn’t stay away so she and Dan came down to Kansas City to celebration her birthday, again lots of fun.

We spent time in Kansas City playing cards with the St. Claire’s, celebrating many 60th birthdays, numerous Royals games (Thanks Mark and Myron!), a couple of Chiefs games (Thanks Deb!!), plus a fabulous King family picnic (Thanks Camy for all the extra work.)  It was great to see a lot of the King clan. We sure miss those Christmas parties where we got to see them all at once!

We enjoyed many fabulous meals with our KC friends and sure loved catching up with you all.  (Thanks all our hosts.)

When we got back to Florida we had a nice surprise when Fred & Janet Wells dropped in for an over night stay on Pura Vida.   We sure enjoyed their visit. So now off we go into the wild blue yonder again. And from the very start Mother Nature has shown us who’s the boss. Better now than later!  Updates coming soon. We promise!