Saturday, March 21, 2015

Out-Islands and Bonvoyage Livin’ Life

While anchored at Farmer’s Cay Michael, Dave and Ian decided to go lobstering with a couple of locals to get the best tips and spots for lobstering.  It was a wild and crazy time with locals Martin and Barry with lots of beer and rum consumed and a little fishing too.   A total of 7 lobsters were caught and a very good size grouper so we had a seafood party on Livin’ Life.

Cleaning Fish at Little Farmer Cay

King didn't really catch that Bug!
But he sure did eat it:)

Lobster Feast in Little Farmers

Sailing south from Little Farmer’s Cay we stopped off at Emerald Bay Marina.  It is such a great place we stayed awhile for a little marina papering.  We spoiled ourselves with a rental car and explored the whole island of Exuma.

Dave decided to break out his new hookah system that lets you dive without tanks down about 60 feet.  It is pretty cool.  Dave and his toys! Now that it is out of the box and tested we are ready for some serious reef dives. (next blog)

We met four guys on Escape while in Emerald Bay and they introduced us to Kraken (strong rum).  They were really fun and we also met some Canadians returning their rental boat in Emerald Bay.  They were a hoot too.  When I said we needed to get a few things from the store they said to come over to their boat. They were returning it tomorrow so they offered us their leftover provisions.  To a cruiser free provisions is always a good thing. Michael and I sat around drinking red wine and eating Greek Salad with them until very late.  Upon leaving their boat we had a whole dock cart filled with provisions.  Michael went over the charts with them to help them have a better trip for their next charter.

King's real catch off Little Farmers/Emerald Bay

We are finding that coming to the south Exumas in winter is very popular with the cruising community. The VHF radio is a blaze with chatter non-stop.  The reported boat count in Georgetown was just under 300 boats.  So we decided to sail right on by Georgetown to Long Island where we dropped anchor in Thomas Bay.   Now we are in the out-islands. We rented another car with Janice and Dave and explored Long Island tip to tip. We were still buddy boating with Livin Life and Janis and Dave were the perfect buddies to share all this fun with.   After a few days we all sailed on to Conception Island.  On the way we picked up another buddy boat “Why Knot II “.  The water at Conception Island is as clear as we have ever seen in the Bahamas. We did some spectacular reef dives with Dave’s hookha there. As long as Dave remembers to fill the gas tank they should have many great dives ahead. Unfortunately this is where will say goodbye to Livin’ Life who are off to the Caribbean and beyond.  That is the thing about cruising.  You have many hello’s and also as many goodbyes. We will miss them a lot. We seem to have connected very well and had a lot of fun together. We will meet up with them again someday.

Columbus Monument in Long Island

Rock climbing Conception Island

Climbing Rocks in Conception Island

Livin' Life 


Thunderbolt in Staniel Cay

Dave's Hookha

Sponge Factory on Long Island

Dave & Michael at Blue Hole

Blue Hole in Long Island

Church in Long Island

Grand Isle Resort

Grand Isle

Lloyd's Farm on Baraterie Cay

Sea Aquarium