Tuesday, March 15, 2016


This year when we cleared customs it was in the Berry Islands so it is only fitting that we end our season in the Berry's.  

Party on Laura D

We've had several pot lucks at Great Harbor Cay Marina as well as workout classes, winter festival with Junkanoo and hikes.  We will be here for a few more weeks and then make our way back to the states.  Our final destination being the west coast of Florida.The fishing grounds are great here the first day back we caught a dolphin fish, a tuna and some conch.

While here we had a visit from our good friend Steve Shinn.  We enjoyed sailing around having lots of wind, sun and fun.  Thanks for all the chocolates by the way Steve.

Hoffman's blue hole

The boys chillin while Cherie's getting lunch ready

Where is that bread King?

Hanging at the New Beach Club

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Farewell Tour

So we have left the Exumas now and are sitting in Coral Harbor, New Providence.  We have enjoyed the Exumas for the month of February even with a few days running from the Westerlies back into the Exumas Park.  The water there is so beautiful that I don't know any place as beautiful.
We so enjoyed the Super Bowl at the Rangers Stations in Warderick Wells where they made the best BBQ wings and ribs for us cruisers to enjoy.   Look out Smoke Stack man do those guys know how to BBQ. 

We have enjoyed so many days and evenings with new and old friends we have met along the way this season. S/V Comocean with  Joanne/Toby, Lost Puppy with Ian/Jennifer, Andante with Andrew, Laura D with Stan/Laura, Mitgration with Andrienna/Charles, Helios with Bob/Angie, Ptarmagin -with Andry/Barbara, and so many more.  We have had so much fun with all of you. We had evenings with singing, dancing (Especially the nights when someone pulled out their instruments and started playing.  We had a great time on the WALL.  It is the old DECCA station on Pipe Cay.) and always great food. Every night the sunsets are so beautiful and we fully  enjoyed sitting on our boat, cocktails in hand every sunset is so different.  Especially while on anchor waiting for the stars to appear within the next couple of hours.  We will never forget the lobstering. The lobster season is over now but it has been a great season of eating and searching for more to eat.  I think a couple were the size of a small car. 
We have to congratulate the Barrow family.  While we have been in the Bahamas they had there third girl (Dylan). I am sure when we get back to Miami we will enjoy seeing the expanded clan. 
It is going be very hard next season not to come to the Bahamas but we have decided not to return next year.  Five season of wonder. Thank you for everything.  We are moving next northwest to the Berry Islands and will hopefully have many more stories to report on our next chapter.  Hope you all are doing well.  Enjoy. 


One of many Beach Parties

Add another year to our Bamboo on Bobo hill

Break from King


Super Bowl party at the park Ranger quarters

Go Denver


New friends on "Comocean"

He looks happy now!

Rachel's Bath

Beach walk


Black Point Harbor

Safely moored


Bocci Ball


Stan finally got one


Mon those are BIG!

Monster Conch

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Twas the Season

Just before Christmas Linda Haith came on the iconic Santa Clause flight to Great Harbor Cay to visit and make a deep water crossing to the Abacos with us.  As Always the weather was a factor so as we waited for a favorable weather window we hiked, conched, hug out at the the beach bar and had few a Happy Hours with the other boaters. Our schedule to get to Marsh Harbor to pick up our daughters and Dan was closing in on us. But the weather gods smiled on us and gave us two days of spectacular weather with a favorable wind to get to the Abaco. As a bonus we actually got great weather for the next 2 weeks. Probably the best sailing weather we have had in a while. Linda left us on December 20th and the kids arrived on the 24th. Off we sailed with Sarah, Michelle and Dan. First down to Lynard Cay, then up to Tahiti Beach, up to Hope Town, over to Treasure Cay, across to Fishers Bay then back to Marsh Harbor. We had an absolute BLAST. Swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, during the day and at night we visited places like Captain Jacks, Nippers, Snappas, The Conch Inn, The Jib Room etc etc etc…..  The kids showered us with Christmas gifts and memories that will last us a lifetime. After they left we disappeared up to a secluded anchorage off Manjack Cay to recoup for a few days. Then the bottom dropped out of the weather and we have been moored in the all around protected bay in Hope Town since New Years Day. We have enjoyed our time in Hope Town especially on the boat Legacy from Lake Lotawana with our hosts Pam and Ron.  We watched all the Chiefs playoff games with them.  Sad the Chiefs lost but now its time to move on. This week it looks like a window is opening up to move south. So if it holds out we will sail down to Spanish Wells, the lobster capital of the Bahamas then eventually down to the Exumas. Enjoy the pictures.

Wreck outside of Great Harbor Cay

Biking to the cave with Chris and Robin

Waiting the rain out at the bar on the beach

Pot luck party at Great Harbor

Anchoring out on Sandy Point

At the top of the lighthouse in Hope Town

Lunch at the Lodge

Christmas Caroling in Hope Town waiting out weather

Christmas Mass at SFDS on Marsh Harbor

Boaters Christmas even Danny had a stocking


Junkanoo and dancing at Sea Spray

It was so much fun having the kids on the boat. The Kings get crazy!

Hope Town Lighthouse

Beach Day

Had to go to Nippers, Nippers, Nippers

Sunset on the ball in Treasure Cay

Sunset in Hope Town

Who doesn't like a swim-up bar

Tahiti Beach

Happy New Year from Marsh Harbor

Pam & Ron on Legacy from Lake Lotawana