Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How's the weather, you ask?

Lately the text messages, phone calls and the emails have all been about the weather, so I thought I’d give you the scoop.

After returning from Kansas City we got ourselves into a great daily routine of riding our bikes by the river every morning then later in the afternoon we’d do a few in-door projects (or King would take a nap) while the rain passed.  Later on in the evening we would either visit with our new dock friends or whatever other social thing we had planned.

In the last couple of weeks we have met some wonderful couples living their dream. Here are a few:

A great couple from Joplin, Missouri - Mike & Twyla Chapman (Yes, they got out of Joplin before the Tornado.) are docked down the way from us.  They like to go to the beach with us but they especially like to host cocktail parties on their 42’ trawler .  They said most of their friend’s thought they were crazy to sell all their possessions and move on a boat.  Imagine that! We all had a good laugh.

Bill & Judy Speary, they have been on their Whitby 42 for over 20 years.  They have sailed from Annapolis, through the Chesapeake Bay, over to Bermuda, across the pond to Portugal, the Canary Islands, and up and down the Caribbean.  Judy is a true trendsetter.  She has been playing the steel drums since 1996 and that is why they sailed to Trinidad so she could play the drums in a panorama competition for Carnival.  They came in second place.  She set-up her drums one evening in the clubhouse and played for everyone.  I still don’t know how they keep those drums on that boat.

Bill & Helen on their 50” power monster. They went with us to checked out some of the local events such as the Blues, Beer and Food Truck Rally in Titusville.  Shuggs, I’m sure you would have loved to check that out.  Their a great couple and our go to source for all mechanical issues on our boat.

Then along came Isacc!  The Dock Master Ken here at Cocoa Village Marina made us button down the hatches and place on all our dock lines, then we thought it was going to the west side of Florida and we wouldn’t get much but that turned out not to be the case.  It seems that when the storm came off of Cuba it split apart so that part of it went straight up the east side of the Florida Coast. So we started seeing a lot of storms move through. More than just our one a day rain squalls.  Finally it turned into two straight days of high winds and walls of rain.  That is when King and I decided to have a double feature day at the movies. 

Today we only had a small amount of rain and the sun did come out for a bit so I think we can get back into our normal routine.  We rode our bikes today so you know we are doing just fine.

Hope everyone is doing great in your area.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


You have all been asking where we are?  Well, Michael and I left our home base in Cocoa for Kansas City on August 3rd to celebrate my dad's 80th birthday on Aug.6th.  It was a fun filled weekend toped off with a Birthday dinner at the Gas Light Grill in Leawood on Sunday night.

We then traveled up to Omaha to celebrate the life of Glenn Margritz (Cindy King's father) who passed away and listen to the many stories of his amazing life.   He will be greatly missed.

We have now returned to our boat at the Cocoa Village Marina. Since returning we have had some big storms with 80 mph winds and great walls of rain.  We are in the thick of the Florida storm season.

Michael and I are now working on our plans to go further south.