Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Back in the Exumas

On the 21st of January we made our Gulf Stream crossing from Miami to Bimini Bahamas.  We left really early just before dawn. Everything always looks different before the light of day.  We were hailed on the VHF by the boat Sophie Ray just as the sun appeared asking if we were going to Bimini and if we had been there before.  We couldn’t believe we were saying this was our third trip there.  We did make it in 9 hours of motor sailing with only 10 to 12 knots of wind.  The seas were really quite in the Gulf Stream this trip and that is always what we love to see.  When we reached the entrance to the harbor in Alice Town our buddy boat Sophie Ray was feeling pretty good about the approach although it would be their first time at Bimini. We hailed them to see if we should wait outside the entrance for them but they said they saw the red and green channel markers so they would be ok.  We told them to watch the shallows and then we went on in.  By the time we got into our slip and looked back at the entrance we still saw their boat, not moving!  We hailed them and they were stuck hard on the sand bar.  They good thing was the tide was coming up and the sea bottom is soft sand. I think they learned their lesson about following someone in an entrance you’ve never been in before.  Don’t be shy to ask for help.  We’ve followed many boats in entrances we have never attempted before. Later Sophie Ray told us we were going slow watching us and all was well until they started talking about how blue and clear the water is.  The beauty of the water is beautiful and can be distracting when you see the bottom all the way in.  Thank goodness it was a sandy bottom.


Valiant Curiosity - They even have the own helicopter

Sunset in Frazers Hog

Off to Frazers Hog from Bimini

Birthday Girl
 Livin'  Life our current buddy boat

We have met so many boaters over these last three seasons and it’s always fun on the radio when your talking to someone on the VHF then you are hailed by another boater asking how you are and when did you get back in the Bahamas.  The VHF becomes on big party line!  

We met up with our current buddy boat Livin' Life in Warderick Wells.  We saw them moored when we were leaving Shroud heading off to Warderick.  Janis, Dave and her mom Pat are working their way to the Caribbean.  We met Janis and Pat a year ago when they were bringing the boat through Marathon with our friends Jean and Jeff Grossman.  All great people and now we just call them our friends. (By the way St. Clair’s they do play spades and they’ve already beaten us.  Boo!)

King with his new Boo Boo Hill boat sign

New sign on the hill in Warderick Wells

Compass Cay with Janis, Dave & Pat from Livin' Life
Petting the Sharks

Nurse Sharks in Compass Cay

Dinner on Livin' Life with Terrance from the Defense force and Park Ranger Ken

Cocktails on Pura Vida

Super Bowl Party at Ranger Station in Exuma Park

What happen Sea Hawks?

Super Bowl fun 

After 4 nights in Warderick and a crazy Super Bowl party we set out for Cambridge Cay and more blowing weather.  Cambridge Cay provides some protection during the strong blows plus it is magnificently beautiful especially the sea aquarium.  A natural area where the fish are abundant and snorkeling is the best.  Our buddy boat Livin Life went into Compass Cay Marine for a couple of nights so we had to dingy over to see what thy were up too.  We petted the nurse sharks there.  It seems they have been feeding them and training them for years.  You take this big ax and bang it on a table and then they come right up to dock so you can pet them or just get into the water with them.

Sunset at Big Major on Staniel Cay
Waiting for her hand out
Baby swimming piggies

Mama Pig

We headed off to Staniel Cay and the swimming pigs.  They have upgraded the Staniel Cay Yacht Club since last year so we headed in for lunch to check it all out and then had a wonderful snorkel in Thundeball Grotto where they filmed the Bond movie.  Great day!  From there we went on to Little Farmer Cay where we are currently setting on a mooring ball through a two day 20 to 30 knot blow.

Happy Valentine’s Day!  To our girls I hope you got your cards!