Sunday, June 24, 2012

Safe & Secure but WINDY

WINDY and wet!  Felling the affects of Debbi now. The wind is gusting to 30knts and the rain never quits. The harbor we are in is well protected and we have 14 lines holding us in place. Tomorrow I will  buy 6 more lines because the Marina requires 20 for Hurricane preparation. We are praying that Debbi stays west of us but only time will tell.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Getting Started

Saturday, June 23rd
All right we finally got some breathing room to set-up our Blog. It's been an exciting start of our adventure on Pura Vida. Somehow our plan is unfolding as planned albeit a few new developments from my friends at Barkley and at Blue Bunny. More on that at a later. Anyway the plan to spend a few months close to the East Coast working out the kinks and getting acclimated to spending extended time on a sailboat again has turned out to be a very wise decision. Everyday we discover new ways to ease the challenge of staying aboard a sailboat with limited space. Cherie is MacGyver in a female body. She is amazing at solving the multiple challenges we face every day. Our new temporary home here in Cocoa, Florida has turned out to be a incredible lucky find, a safe and secure marina  just yards away from shops and restaurants, a hardware store that's been in business at the same location since 1868, a sailmaker just blocks away, a marine supply just over the bridge and all them are willing to take our money. Anyway the sails have been re-stiched, the generator has had a major tune-up, the fresh water system has been tuned up and the boat is organized the way we like it so it's time to start putting it all to work. After this newly named (Debbie) storm moves through we will sail down to Vero Beach which is about 50miles south of here. We are planning to leave on Monday weather permitting.

PS.. I chose Google Blog for it's simplicity. Let's see how it goes. Consider this a test run