Friday, June 27, 2014

Not Bored

I was recently asked if I thought we would get bored with the Bahamas after telling them that we are already prepping Pura Vida for our 3rd season cruising the Islands starting next fall. My answer was I didn’t think that was possible for a sailor. I mean can a golfer ever get bored playing golf on the Monterey Peninsula, or a surfer ever get bored surfing the North shore or a skier ever get bored of the Rockies. No I don’t think you could ever get tired of the most spectacularly beautiful and diverse sailing in the Northern Hemisphere.  Okay let’s say you do get bored of snorkeling at places like the Sea Garden, the Sea Aquarium, Thunderball Cave, the Coral Gardens, Molly’s Chunky Monkey, or Airplane Reef. Then just sail on over to Eleuthera for the authentic Bahamian experience and meet the nicest and most hospitable people you will ever meet.  If that bores you after a month or so sail on up to Spanish Wells and Harbor Island and sunbath on the pink sand beaches. Have lunch at The Conch Lady Bayside bar while you’re there. Get to know the families of the enormous Lobster fleet based there. After a while if that bores you sail north across the Straights to the famous islands of the Abaco. Discovered by Columbus in the 1400’s, used as a staging point for the pirates stalking the Spanish gold ships and settled by the British loyalist in the 18th century these island are a dream for history buffs. If history is not your thing then maybe Anthropology is. Then you are in for a fascinating study of a small circle of families, past and present that reside on these Abaco islands. After gathering your plethora of stories and tales of successes and failures, feast and famine you can belly up to Pete’s Pub Tiki Hut at Little Harbor, or Nippers at the beach, the Jib Room in Marsh Harbor, The Pineapple Bar at Green Turtle, The Bluff House in White Sound, Mango’s, Curly Tail, Snappas, Captain Jack’s or Grabbers at the shore and have any number of Rum concoctions to help spin your story. And if you dare to say that you’re bored, then there is no hope for you.
  We can’t wait to get back and join our cruising friends.  Starting in October with everyone in Marathon; Nauti Nell, The Second Noelle, Conched Out Too, Finally, Sunset Dance, Last Call, Capt’n Hook, Rambler, Calypso Poet.  and all the other wonderful friends we’ve cruised with in the Bahamas; September Song, Happy, Ursa Minor, Frosty, Silverheels, Motivator, Slowdown, Diva Di and Rose Bud, all while NOT getting bored. Until then we are hanging with our Cocoa Village friends! 

Preachers Cave, Eleuthera

Jib Room, taken by Cherie up the Mast

Storm squalls at Sunrise

Confused Gulf Stream

 Little Tunny

Cocoa friends, Pat & Mike

Buddha's BBQ, Spanish Wells

Wytie & Sally

 Stephenie & Bob, Pete's Pub

Double rainbows

The Bluff House Bar & Grill

King Concher

The Bahamian way

Tiki Hut

Pete's Pub, Little Harbor

A little sunscreen please!

Party at Nippers