Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Autumn Equinox 2014

Ahoy Good Friends, sorry it's taken so long to post a new blog but we have been very busy.  It all started after we sailed back from the Bahamas at the end of June. Cherie then went to help Michelle move to Lawrence, Kansas to take a 5th grade teaching position. This is her 1st full time teaching position and we are sooo proud of her.

After Cherie returned to Florida we both left for Kansas City on July 23rd where we would pick-up our car and start our epic road trip we are calling the “The Great Western Loop”.  

After a couple of weeks in KC visiting family and friends and helping Michelle settle into her new classroom we headed west on the Santa Fe Trail.

Michelle's Classroom

Cheered on the Royals with the St. Clair's

Myron's 60th birthday party

“King’s 60th Birthday Tour 

“The Great Western Loop”

First stop Grand Canyon

The Canyon is breath taking
All photos were taken with the iphone 

In Arizona we witnessed the mighty power of the Colorado River at the Grand Canyon. Then moving on to the metropolis of Los Angeles visiting lifelong friends. Reminding us that the passage of time cannot break the bond of friendship.

Next California

BBQ Pace Style.  Thanks!

Lunch with Casey

Golf with the Mouton's

Thanks for a great dinner Mouton's

The Barth's came back from Hawaii just to host us at their new place

Thanks Mary for hosting me at City Club!

Moving north up the Pacific coastal trail that the missionaries followed spreading their beliefs and converting the natives to their righteous beliefs while building amazing mission churches for the ages. Stopping in Napa to taste the great California wines being produced by some amazingly dedicated and talented wine makers like our friends the Phillips.  

Speaking of dedicated, thanks to the great naturalist John Muir, “Father of the National Parks”, who in 1890 convinced Congress to set aside the land that produced the greatest and oldest trees on earth so Cherie and I could walk in awe amongst the giants at the Redwood National Forest. 

20 year Napa reunion

Hiking with Linda in Napa

Boys at Play in Napa

Private tour at VHR vineyard

Pappa Phillips

Best lunch and day!  Thanks to the Phillips!

Over the river and thru the tree to Oregon we go!

So now it was time for a break, so we checked into the Banta-Erickson little mountain cabin. For 2 ½ weeks we ate, drank, hiked, kayaked, played horseshoes and crochet, golfed and played pool with our dearest friends Sally and Joly in Grants Pass, Oregon. Alas, we have found our hurricane hideout.

Sally & Joly in Oregon


Banta-Erickson Guest House. Thanks for the stay!

Oregon Coastline

We loved Oregon

More Oregon

Crater Lake

Crater Lake is so blue


Jedediah Smith Redwood Forrest

Down the Smith RIver

After what was suppose to be a few weeks of R&R (Haha) we pointed the nose of our car east and headed back to KC.  Reversing the track of Lewis & Clark we went via the beautiful Columbia Gorge, into Yellowstone National Park and then Grand Teton National Park leaving us in complete awe of the natural wonders of Mother Nature. Then across the great western plains of Wyoming and Nebraska feeling the spirit of the American Indians and witnessing the wrath of the White Man as we conquered what we thought was rightfully ours.

On to Yellowstone

Old Faithful

On to the Tetons

Ended up in Lincoln for a tailgate with the Kings

Rooting on the Chiefs at the Largo household
Nephew James is taller now!

Ted wins the brother-in-law cup!
The Morgan boys win the game!

Visiting Sarah & Dan on the way back to the boat
After shooting that AR15.  What a shot.

Now that the Autumn Equinox has passed which means that we are on the backside of the Hurricane season we are back on Pura Vida planning the next boating season.