Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fun in the sun with a splash of snow!

A ceremony to the wind Gods. 
Okay this has morphed into a seasonal Blog. Not that we don't have time to do a daily, weekly or even a monthly blog, it's just we are having too much fun and the time just keeps marching on and getting away from us. So now it's spring and the seasonal migration from Florida to the Bahamas is heating up. So before we sail off into the rising sun lets catch you up on our winter doings. We have been enjoying our "Dock Dynasty" friends in Marathon with frequent BBQ's, Happy Hours, Dinghy drinkin' and visiting the sites in Key West like the butterfly museum. Yes between all those Margarita bars there is a butterfly museum in Key West, go figure. See the pics.

We had a few visitors escape the brutal Midwest winter and come visit us. Cindy and John King came for a visit which was a blast. And if you are an investor in Corona you probably saw an uptick in their stock during the later week of January. The wind blew us all up to Key Biscayne for a beautiful week on the Bay. Then Cherie and I sailed up the West Coast of Florida to a great visit with the Martins in Punta Gorda.  The water up there is very shallow but we enjoyed our time with the Martins and the spectacular scenery and secluded beaches.  At the end of February we took a road trip to Kansas City plotting a course that would take us to every capital on the way. We find a State Capital building, stop for a quick tour then move on. Whatever! Kansas City can be summed up in a few words, cold, cold and cold. It was great seeing family and friends and filling up on BBQ. We reintroduced ourselves to our Doctors, Dentist and accountants while we where in town and with a clean bill of health and a full stomach we drifted up to Chicago for MORE family and MORE cold. We had an absolute blast with Sarah, Michelle, Danny and the dogs. All are doing great. So satisfied that our girls are well and really don't need us around anymore we caught the Sunbird down to Key West to continue our adventure on Pura Vida. See you in the summer with an update on our Bahama sail-a-thon.

Cayo Costa

Good Luck!

Punta Gorda 
Boy Toy

Poker run!

Deck party


Butterfly museum


Sister in-law


Chicago Taxi