Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ride with the Wind

When it come to cruising in Florida they say July stand-by, August you must look out, September remember, October it ain't over. These are words to live by around here and so far it's proving to be true. We are keeping a watchful eye out for developing Atlantic lows mostly coming up from the SW Caribbean as we continue to wrap up last minute boat projects, complete some super fun dental work, dig out the pre-cancer lesions from my skin and give departure notice to our gym and marina.  Finally we have filled the boat with food and liquor preparing to cast off the lines and sail south to the Keys.

Ahh but first we want to share some of the "summer fun" we had here in Florida. Family visits, road trips, day sails, museums, plus heat, heat and more heat.  Here is a visual documentation of Summer 2013 for the Kings, hope your summer was just as active.

Sand Play

Send him to Washington
Nephew James at rest
Pirates beware !

Flying high at NASA

Michelle, good seed:)
Good friend from KC
Not so good friend:(
Elvis is alive in Cocoa!
Mom & daughter

Next life

What can I say 

So there it was. Please follow us on instagram "PURELFE" through the Florida Keys the next couple of months.