Monday, March 25, 2013

Land of Hemingway

Bimini was just one of many fishing destinations for Hemingway but here is where he caught the BIG ones. Right on the eastern edge of the gulf stream Bimini is reported to be the best big game fishing in the world. Also infamous for Rum running, drug running and Pirates. Many famous celebrities and dignitaries have left their mark here. But for now it is just where the King's are and we will do our best to leave our own mark:). We are comfortably docked here in Alice Town at the Blue Water Resort & Marina which just happens to be where Hemingway docked his boat "Portal" when he came over. I am a huge Hemingway fan so this is pretty cool. After a challenging  crossing on Saturday we spent Sunday recovering and cleaning and staring in Awe of the beauty of the water. Also staring in awe of the 9 foot Bull Sharks that inhabit this harbor. They swim all around our boat so the resort's swimming pool is always crowded with guest and boaters because no one swims in the ocean here in the harbor. Tomorrow we are visiting the shark research lab on the South island to learn more about these very large predators swimming under us all day long. Good to know your enemy I always said. Wednesday or Thursday looks like a good weather window to start moving deeper into the Bahamas. We will sail east across the Banks to the Berry Islands then south to Nassau for provisions then down further south to the Exumas.